3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Sunshine Coast SEO Audit


Most of the time, if you hear the word “audit,” your minds immediately imagines encounters with the IRS, unpleasant tax lawyers and old business receipt boxes. But, do not panic! Because not all audits is similar. Actually, an SEO audit is a great thing. It is a completely vital process that will boost your business with real as well as actionable ideas. When completed properly, an SEO audit will generally tell you what is working on your current website, what is missing and how you can develop your site to get a higher score and generate more potential customers.


What Type of Site Audit Does Your Company Need?

With an SEO audit, you pay a company to examine your site forensically and apply your experience to identify issues and provide solutions. Most comprehensive SEO audits contain the following elements:

General Health: How does your current traffic compare with company benchmarks? Are there any early warning signs, such as a current change in bounce rate, time or references on the site that are grounds for an investigation? This common health assessment will identify potential issues that your SEO team must investigate further.

Red Flag / Penalties: Is there any SEO practice in use on your site that generates a red flag or Google penalty that could damage the rank of your site? The best SEO practices change quickly and what made sense from a classification statement a few years ago might be wishing you hot water now. It may be difficult to keep up with all the algorithm alterations, as a result, I recommend bringing in the professionals on this one.


Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website

How does your website compare with the competition? Though a general health assessment will undoubtedly affect the industry’s general benchmarks, a proficiency audit will be much more in-depth. What do competitors do that your website is not like that? For instance, the competition may have an excellent site map and also search system in place. Perhaps they have optimized product lists with long end keywords, and you have not. Could a decrease in site traffic be due to a violation or SEO penalty? An experienced agency can determine if your site has been manually or algorithmically penalized or has been the victim of an attack by harmful SEO methods. Learn more.


In the House or Agency: Which Is the Best?

Then, you are prepared to carry out an appropriate audit of the SEO website. Should I go with an agency or handle this in-house? It is probably to manage the whole process inside. Search Engine Land has published best guides internally to perform vital audits. On the other hand, remember that your ability to recognize and correct problems are limited by your team’s experience. Whether your internal SEO team turns out to be the best, this will not be a problem. However, if your SEO team is an overworked staff member in your marketing department who is also juggling blog posts, social media updates, and lead generation of inbound prospects, it’s better to relocate.


The Bottom Line

A site audit is a must for any business and is necessary for a solid SEO strategy. Even if you think your web traffic is quite strong, there is always room for development. By identifying possible issues and taking concrete steps today, you can position your company for long-term growth and avoid unpleasant surprises in future. For more information visit: http://massinghammarketing.com.au/the-advantages-of-online-marketing/